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Learn the skills that a New Home Sales Counselor needs to add at least one additional new home sale on the books every month!

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Why New Home Sales Whisperer

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Having worked with the full spectrum of new home builders, from the local custom builder to national production builders and everything in between, our consultants, coaches, and trainers have decades of experience in new home sales, sales management, and sales training.

Our Mission

To empower new home sales couenselors with the knowledge and tools to be rockstars at the top of the industry.

Our Vision

Using our years of experience in new home sales, training, processes, and management to develop the top sales counselores in the industry and take them and their companies to the highest level possible.

What We Do

Our Services


New Home Sales
Training & Coaching

New Home Sales Rockstar's

Elite Sales training for current and new home sales counselors.


Builder Consulting

Builder Consulting
Helping builders compete, grow & thrive!

Marketing & Sales Solutions

Consulting, training, and coaching for small, medium, custom, and semi-custom builders.


Coaching & Consulting

Coaching, training, & consulting services for individuals and small business owners.

New Home Sales Rockstar's

A variety of coaching and consulting offerings for individuals and builders.

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Rockstar Training Impacting Lives

Median New Home


Average Commission

Minimum Sales / Year

Additional Income

What could you do with an additional $132,000 per year?! More time with family, kids, vacations, travel, lake home, boat, sports car, retirement, taking care of your parents, debt-free college for your kids! Just imagine the possibilities ROCKSTAR earnings could do for you and yours!


Conquer Your Fears

Fear exists because of self-limiting beliefs. The sales process is full of “triggers”. Coaching prepares you for the triggers and to reprogram your limiting beliefs.



We all need accountability. Countless studies show the value of having accountability to others massively increases performance.


Personal Development

Growth and change can be scary. We all resist that change to some degree. Having a coach and a structured program helps you stay on track. 


Unbiased Input

A good coach is always looking out for your best interest and helping you move forward with your goals and dreams. They are able to be a neutral 3rd party and impart some tough love when needed.  

Benefits of Coaching and Training

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Numerous clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to achieve goals, personal growth and development, financial gain, life satisfaction, business and personal communications, and better relationships are just a few of the areas positively impacted.